The Trail End State Historic Site is a fully furnished historic house museum. The site's mission statement guides decisions on exhibits and displays by providing a specific time period and interpretive focus. Within these guidelines, all exhibits at Trail End relate to life in the house during the period 1913-1933.  

Permanent Exhibits


We are fortunate that over the years, many of the original furnishings from Trail End, removed for various reasons, have been returned to the mansion by members of the Kendrick family as well as members of the Sheridan community. 

Placed in their proper context throughout the historic rooms, these furnishings show what the rooms were used for, what the people who lived and worked here may have been like, and what objects were available for their use. 

Whole-House Exhibits


 Over the years, Trail End has installed a series of temporary whole-house exhibits which, by focusing on the local community, take global events and show how they impacted the everyday lives of small town Americans. Each exhibit has worked in harmony with the museum's existing room displays, thereby interpreting topical themes within the context of the historic house setting. 

Follow the links below to access content from these exhibits.

Temporary Exhibits


 Occasionally Trail End will mount temporary exhibits in closets and other small areas. For example: there is almost always a special exhibit in the second floor Maids' Closet around the time of our Holiday Open House (usually toys and games) and, as part of the Hands-On History Program, our Junior Curators create a new exhibit each year in the third floor Housekeeper's Bedroom.  

We have also co-sponsored ballroom exhibits with Sheridan Junior High and the Wyoming State Museum.